Tracie Grimsley Meyers DSW, LCSW

in Highland Park, NJ

About Dr. Tracie Grimsley Meyers

Dr. Tracie Grimsley Meyers makes no apologies for being a thought provoking, trouble causing, old fashioned Social Worker. She began her career in New Haven, Connecticut during the height of the AIDS epidemic serving families who were often neglected and undervalued. Tracie began as she continues, working with clients within the community educating and advocating; providing transformative care that truly “meets the client where they are”. Tracie has practiced in a wide variety of settings including schools, hospitals, private homes, and community health centers. The diversity of treatment settings and populations has afforded her the opportunity to witness the incredible affect that health inequality has upon the lives of those who are historically excluded in the United States and ignited her passion to address this injustice.

Although Tracie took advantage of every opportunity to confront the health gap in her previous places of employment, she honored her need to direct her work and in 2019 as a part of her doctoral studies, she established The Rapha Collective LLC where she serves as the Executive Director. The Rapha Collective serves to identify and address barriers to mental health and wellness treatment for those who have been historically excluded and prevented from freely accessing care. When she is not “saving the world” Tracie enjoys binge watching anime with her son Jax, cheering on her beloved Mets with her husband Julian and unsuccessfully attempting to train Chewbacca, her furry ball of never ending Morkie energy.