Nicole Mednis MSW, LSW

Licensed Social Worker in Highland Park, NJ

Imagine you had a friend struggling with a problem, wouldn’t you do everything in your power to help them? Now imagine that friend is you. Give yourself the same grace, respect, and attention you would give to a friend in need. Whether you have been struggling with depression throughout the pandemic in silence or are just realizing your persistent anxiety is not getting better with exercise. Therapy can be the solution to heal the past and keep you focused on the present.

My therapeutic approach is trauma-informed and holistic with a mind, body, spirit connection. Exploring each part and piecing them make together to create lasting change. To achieve this change, I combine empowerment and strength-based psychotherapy with MBCT, somatic experiencing, CBT, and creative arts therapy.

Now imagine loving yourself the way you love your best friend. Self-care can become your new normal, confidence your new language. Together we will find the solutions that best address your needs to help you live your best life.