Samantha Seigerman MSW, LSW

in Highland Park, NJ

After many years working in corporate and living in New York City, Sam transitioned her career to holistic wellness several years ago, obtained a master's in clinical social work, and has spent thousands of hours in private practice. As a yoga teacher and psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy facilitator, she is passionate about working with clients holistically by weaving mind, body, and soul therapeutic approaches to help address a variety of issues including anxiety, depression, trauma, relationships, life transitions, and psychedelic integration. Her work is inspired by nature, body movement, breath, and by her love of yoga, philosophy, and humor. She began her career in mental health by working in a community setting for the public library creating mindfulness and trauma-informed yoga programming. From there, she went to work in private practice and began providing direct counseling for children, adolescents, couples, and adults.

She's been involved in additional research efforts for global social work, presenting on program evaluation of girls' rights and empowerment initiatives with Studio Samuel in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. In addition, she was accepted into Rutgers University Behavioral Youth (RUBY) Fellowship— to address behavioral health challenges in adolescents and transition-age youth (TAY). Sam is passionate and currently involved in psychedelic-assisted therapy research, somatic experiencing, and is currently trained to provide psychotherapy to patients suffering from Major Depressive Disorder in current clinical trials. She holds the intention to bring these types of interventions back into the Western mainstream model and uses somatics and breathwork to bring about alternative methods of healing. Sam is currently working towards her LCSW.